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today i pose a challenge: i search for a man, who can keep his cum, who can control himself, who can resist my magic hands and my sexy long nails. you give me your entry form and think that you are the one - the right one...... too much optimism, honey - i will bring you back down to earth... do you still think that you can fulfill the criteria for this challenge? i think, you are just a blowhard..... my palms show your limitations: i polish your slippery cockhead and make it extra sensitive - i don´t need to jerk it, i prepare it for a cumshot after MY fancy. i´m sorry, but you are not qualified for this job.


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...my soft tongue slides up and down... keeps your cock hard (i love a glossy, taut dick)... spread kisses on it... play with my lips... worship your cock... breath on it... make it cum only with my tongue - and that all in a very slow and tender way...

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on my massage table i have the possibility to tie up your body very tight, but also to fix your stiff penis with an elastic band in a standing position. a perfect position for caressing your erect cock with my palm and fingers, while tickling your balls with my fingernails of the second hand, or ..... handle it with both palms. i never jerk your cock, i make you cum only with caressing skin-contacts... sensual and mind-blowing... of course i continue after your orgasm until one complete hour is over - after all you paid for one hour...

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what would normally be a pleasure for you becomes a torment and eventually a real torture... you would do anything for me to stop, but i don´t... on the contrary, the more you beg me to stop the more i torment you... but of course there is one situation when i do stop, and that is when you are finally about to cum... then i leave you at that critical edge not able to get over the mountain... then i continue, on and on and on... you reach that point again, and once more i stop and leave you struggling to cum, but you can´t... you are always denied... will i finally make you cum to my command, or not?... i leave you to guess...